Friday, 18 January 2019

3 days Murchison falls Safari Uganda tour, 3 people at 455 USD each

3 days Murchison falls National Park Uganda Safari takes you to a rich paradise in north-western Uganda, a Uganda Safari that never fails to impress,a destination full of historic markers everywhere to help tell the story of the peace and beauty of this historic Savanna If you’re looking for the high speed Savannah life style of Uganda safaris with charm, beauty and Southern history you’ve got to visit MFNP, Most of the visiting traveler to this great Savannah often come to sight at the four of the “Big Five”, Uganda’s largest population of Nile crocodiles, Rothschild’s giraffes, lions, leopards, African bush elephants, Jackson’s hartebeest, bushbucks, Warthogs among others. The rest come to complete their birding Safari in the Open varied habitats that feature over 451 bird species. In 1926, this savannah came to existance as a game reserve to protect the unique savannah grasslands as pointed out by Winston Churchill in his famous writings like; 1907 African Travels to Uganda, By Ship Train-Boat-Bicycle-Auto-on Foot to and inside Uganda. He points out Murchison falls National Park as the “grand Kew Gardens together with the wildlife combined on an confined”. Other notable visitors to this savannah include; Theodore Roosevelt, several British royals, Ernest Hemingway among others.
Price per person for different numbers of people.
Budget lodging-Heritage lodge 2 – $570 pp 3 – $455 pp 4 – $390 pp 5 – $385 pp 6 – $373 pp 7 – $367 pp 8 – $345 pp 9 – $345 pp
Mid-range lodging-Murchison River Lodge / Pakuba lodge 2 – $775 pp 3 – $655 pp 4 – $590 pp 5 – $575 pp 6 – $560 pp 7 – $555 pp 8 – $550 pp 9 – $550 pp
Luxury lodging-Paraa safari lodge 2 – $890 pp 3 – $752 pp 4 – $730 pp 5 – $670 pp 6 – $660 pp 7 – $650 pp 8 – $625 pp 9 – $625 pp

Friday, 28 September 2018

8 Days, 7 Nights Kenya wildlife luxury Safari

8 days kenya wildlife luxury Safari welcomes you into the natures arms experiencing the Kenya Safari holiday all seen in its sheer beauty, then standing in the Savannah feeling nature embracing you as you watch endless wildlife plains bending off the geographical Kenya landforms.
8 Days, 7 Nights Kenya wildlife luxury Safari is indeed visiting 'Kenya in miniature'. It’s all here. Tangled jungle Savannah, glacier-capped mountains, and then the roaring rapids feeding the game, the terraced kenya plains dotted with some of the oldest cultures existing along the breath taking beauty everywhere you look.

8 Days 7 Nights Kenya Wildlife Luxury Safaris Travel guide

Day 1: Arrive at Nairobi Airport Day 2: Visit Samburu National Reserve Day 3: Full Day Samburu National Reserve Game experience Day 4: Drive to Aberdare National Park central Kenya, east of the East African Rift Valley Day 5: Transfer to Lake Naivasha via Thomson’s Falls Day 6: Transfer to Maasai Mara National Reserve Day 7: Maasai Mara National Reserve Morning Experience Day 8: Transfer from Maasai Mara to Nairobi Airport.............. Read More about